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Cuticleanse Wash Back.png

Third Wash


Use upon every third wash, between your regular shampoo and conditioner. Simply wet hair and lather a walnut sized amount of Cuticleanse gel into the hair. Vigorously massage scalp to cleanse and exfoliate. Rinse thoroughly and repeat. 

Deep Clarify

Cuticleanse Suds.png

This approach is ideal if you feel the hair is heavily built with product residues. Alternatively, a Deep Clarifying treatment is a highly effective step prior to application of deep conditioning mask Here you will be raising the cuticle, enabling a higher percentage of the treatment conditioner into the hair. 

To Deep Clarifying; Wet the hair thoroughly and towel dry. Apply two walnut sized amounts of Cuticleanse gel into the hair and lather through. Leave the lather to process for 5 minutes and then rinse out and towel dry.
NB: Whilst the hair will be tangled after Deep Clarifying, application of conditioners and masks will reverse this.

Colour Fade

Because Cuticleanse contains Vitamin C it can cause fading or even removal of artificial hair colours. This tends to be more prevalent with semi-permanent or bright shades. However, those who do apply artificial darker, tonal or bright colours to their hair should conduct a strand test before proceeding to a whole head Cuticleanse treatment. Fading will tend to happen noticeably with each application. So several strand tests should be conducted if you are concerned about removing an artificial colour. If you notice any fading, do not use product. However, Cuticleanse is a great option for use immediately prior to hair colour application and will evoke a deeper more vibrant colour result if used prior to any colourant. 

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