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Healthy Hair

& Scalp

Clarifies & Purifies

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The structure of your hair is the cortex, within the cortex keratin chains give the hair it’s strength and composition. The cortex is shielded by fish-like scales called ‘the cuticle’ layer. The cuticle layer on healthy hair can open and close enabling the hair to accept moisture into the cortex and remain strong and hydrated.

However, factors such as shampoo, conditioner and styling products can build up on the cuticle layer, encasing the hair. Over time this can lead to lank unmanageable hair, excess grease and a compromised or brittle hair structure due to lack of hydration into the cortex.

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The secret to great hair... to clarify and free the cuticle every third wash. Cuticleanse means ‘to cleanse the cuticle’. A Cuticleanse treatment will clear the cuticle of particle build-up, leaving you with freed super clean hair.  

Just try it once & listen for the squeak!

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